carniere et défossez
carniereWelcome on our website !

Carnière & Défossez, a family owned SME who gives you his know-how and his skills in the field of mechanics assembly.

We benefit from our experience since 1925 and have developed first our activity in the domain of frame rivets (steel construction: Eiffel Tower, suspension bridges, shipyards…).
Then, we focused in particular on rivets for mechanical applications, especially for automotive.

The products and services range that we propose you today is really substantial and diversified and answer to all industry needs and requirements in terms of mechanical assembly and cold formed parts.
The range is based on four major axes:

Special parts : complex parts to specifications from small to medium-sized diameters
Rivets: solid rivets, drilled rivets, special rivets…
Welding fasteners: threaded studs, unthreaded studs, tapped bosses, insulation pins, earth tags, welding screws…
Self-clinching fasteners: self-clinching studs, nuts, through standoffs, blind standoffs…

Furthermore, we provide you global solutions in welding and self-clinching by the fastening technologies: application equipments such as studwelders and presses for self-clinching fasteners , advice, assistance and after-sales service.

Our products seduced and seduce companies both SME and large groups in order to cope with any problems on steel supports in the above fields and also in the fields like: thin sheet metal industry, electric construction, domestic appliances...

Our main objective is to assist you from the design of the fastener to the choice and establishment of installation techniques.

Let you lead by our menus and find out your solutions thanks to our wide range of products!!!