> We manufacture standardized and customised rivets. We propose solid, drilled or special rivets. The following materials and coatings are available according to your needs.

rivets à sertirMaterials

Steel Cl. 4.8 - 6.8 - 8.8 - 10.9
Stainless steel
Aluminium and alloys

rivets à sertirCoatings

We realise annealing, finishing operations.
We are backed up by an efficient subcontractor network for such complementary operations as surface treatment (galvanization, copper or nickel plating) and specific heat treatment.

rivets à sertirSolid rivets

Diameters: 3 to 16 mm
Lengths: according to diameters

carniereFlat head rivets:
NFE 27 – 151
rivets pleins
carniereMushroom head rivets:
NFE 27 – 152 / DIN 674
rivets pleins
carniereRound head rivets:
NFE 27 – 153 / DIN 660
rivets pleins
carniereCountersunk head rivets:
NFE 27 - 154 / DIN 661 / DIN 662
> Countersunk head rivets 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°
rivets pleins
> Raised countersunk head rivet rivets pleins

rivets à sertirDrilled rivets

Diameters: 3 to 8 mm
Lengths: according to diameters
carniereRound head rivets  

carniereFlat head rivets    

carniereCountersunk head rivets   

rivets à sertirCustomized rivets

We can manufacture special rivets, non-standardized, according to your specificities and according to your drawings.

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